Editors, Vineyard Gazette:

Last Wednesday, Sept. 4, my husband and I were drifting seaward from the outer harbor in our disabled sailboat. We had to take down our sails and had no motor. The wind was blowing so hard that our cries for help could not be heard by two passing boats. We had gone out for a quick afternoon sail without a cell phone and no one was around. Miraculously, a motorboat came out of the harbor and responded to our waving and shouting. They kindly took the time to tow us back to our mooring, even though they had never done this maneuver before and were hesitant. This couple, driving a boat called Green Pond, were on their way to Woods Hole. We did not get their names, but want to thank them profusely for our rescue. They were truly good Samaritans!

Joan and Siamak Adibi