Editors, Vineyard Gazette:

As Martha’s Vineyard residents for over 30 years and now living here half of the year, we had to respond to Danielle Pergament’s recent myopic article in The New York Times. She paints a rather clubby and selective picture of the Island and misses a bunch of noteworthy locals. For example, we have excellent bakers such as The Scottish Bakehouse, two wonderful up-Island libraries with excellent programs and lectures, a promising new oyster industry in Katama Bay, the Good Farm raising organic chickens and what about the Island Grown Initiative? In addition, the Chilmark Community Center offers extraordinary family programs including the Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival. The entire up-Island town of Aquinnah with its rich native American heritage and natural beauty is mysteriously omitted. They have one of the most beautiful views on the Island where you can enjoy a leisurely lunch. Which brings us around to the author’s comments about dining at the Beach Plum Inn. We dine out frequently and have been repeatedly disappointed by their food. If up-Island food is her focus, a glaring omission is the much better food at the Chilmark Tavern right in the middle of town. Moreover, dismissing State Road restaurant, considered by many to be one of the very best on the Island seems just plain mean spirited and mistaken.

Someone who compares the Mermaid Farm’s feta (made with 100% cow’s milk) to pecorino (made with sheep’s milk), might think twice before reviewing restaurants.

Marc Brown and Laurie Krasny Brown
Vineyard Haven