Editors, Vineyard Gazette:

Many thanks go out to Sarah Kuh and the Martha’s Vineyard Health Care Access program for being such sound and steady support in our Island community. Your 18 or so years of service to the residents of Martha’s Vineyard becomes more valuable to us all each year, and it is good to see your leadership in health care recognized. It is also good to know that the MVHCAP is so uniquely positioned to facilitate Affordable Care Act transitions for insured and uninsured Islanders through experience working within a progressive program at the state level over the past six years. That a few hundred of us here may actually receive a benefit through the changes in eligibility for Massachusetts, insurance as part of the long trend in improved health outcomes for insured U.S. citizens will be a welcome stimulus to our local economy and the well being of its people. MVHCAP staff and programs are integral to our health and well being and much deserving of our ongoing support.

Rex Jarrell
West Tisbury