• October full moon over the airport Friday evening.
  • Timothy Johnson

Pumpkin Moon

The Friday night full moon is called the Pumpkin Moon and it is in the zodiacal constellation Pisces. The moon will dominate evening skies through the coming weekend.

As the full moon climbs higher in the eastern sky in the evenings, it will be followed by the zodiacal constellation Taurus.

Taurus the bull is one of the most familiar constellations of early winter. The Pleiades, a small star cluster, looks like a very small dipper and resides in the constellation. Pleiades has another name, Seven Sisters. The star cluster in Japanese is called Subaru. There are over eight stars visible, and many dozens more are visible with binoculars.

The head of the bull is depicted by a group of stars that form the shape of the letter V. This group, known as the Hyades, is an even bigger and closer star cluster. It is thought to be 151 light years away. The brightest star in that star group is Aldebaran, a large orange star that in size is huge. If we were to put Aldebaran and our sun side by side, by size, the bigger orange star would make our sun look like a little planet.

Sunrise and Sunset
Fri., Oct. 186:565:56
Sat., Oct. 196:575:54
Sun., Oct. 206:595:53
Mon., Oct. 217:005:51
Tues., Oct. 227:015:50
Wed., Oct. 237:025:48
Thurs., Oct. 247:035:47
Fri., Oct. 257:045:46

Temperatures and Precipitations
DayMax (Fº)Min (Fº)Inches
Oct. 1167590.00
Oct. 1269570.00
Oct. 1366540.00
Oct. 1463400.00
Oct. 1563410.00
Oct. 1666540.00
Oct. 1765560.01

Water temperature in Edgartown harbor:  65º F.



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