As a lifelong Minnesotan of 70-plus years I was appalled to read Arnie Reisman’s article (Soothing Shrug of the Shoulder Season, Sept. 13) making reference to Minnesota GOP Representative Michele Bachmann (soon to retire, thank goodness) and her stupid recent behavior and comments. Yes, it is all true and there is even more reported by the local media.

My friend Roger Erickson of the Island and a former Minnesotan and I hope you remember Minnesotans like Paul Wellstone, Hubert Humphrey and Walter Mondale and think of our current U.S. Senators Klobacher and Franken. We are proud of their service and consider Bachmann an aberration. She is the product of a gerrymandered district which she may have lost in the next election following the revelation of chicanery during her presidential bid in Iowa.

From a Minnesota friend.

Wes Hendrickson
Minneapolis, Minn.