Here we go again. Will the Vineyard Haven DPW not rest until this connector road system is passed? Please, I appreciate Fred LaPiana’s work, but it is time to put this piece of his retirement plan to rest. Since when does a town commence such a large project on the verge of the director’s departure to Florida?

I live off the Edgartown Road in Vineyard Haven. This summer, since the roundabout was built, it has been a lot harder to get out of my road going left toward State Road. (This whole issue revolves around the summer months.) The roundabout allows traffic to flow, all right. Lines of cars can now rush right up to the next clogged intersection. Let’s say there was a set of traffic lights there instead, and at the Edgartown-State Road intersection, and at Five Corners . . . wow, that would be too modern for some! We must save our precious charm. Methinks we should reconsider.

Think about what the impact of this road system will be. We’ll have four new intersections, three of which are within the “failed State Road corridor,” (an argument famously used to deny a gas station at the corner of High Point Lane,) pressure to develop (waivers from the state,) a bigger DPW budget for maintenance and improvements, and more traffic, certainly not less. It is well known that when people think they have a short cut, they actually go out more often!

Why not modernize our existing approach to traffic, or lack thereof (while the SSA brings more boatloads of cars,buses,trucks, etc., and the Stop & Shop pushes forward with a large new structure.) When are we going to have a serious look at making Park and Ride work as a real traffic buster, with a bus station that would allow folks to have shelter, restrooms, buy a cup of coffee even, and get SSA tickets? Why don’t we give people a place to wait away from the major traffic jams while they wait to get picked up, dropped off to and from the ferry? That would be a lot less traffic flowing down State Road toward Five Corners.

When traffic backups don’t disappear, what will be proposed? A flyover?

Finally, I notice there is no mention of bike paths or sidewalks on this plan. Vote it down at the special town meeting on Dec. 10.

Marie Laursen
Vineyard Haven