We have been coming to the Vineyard in October for the last 28 years, due to the generosity of my husband’s cousin and the use of her small home. For the past two years, we have rented a house. This was our first vacation since my husband retired and we were staying for the glorious month of October in our favorite place in the world. We bring a kayak and bike and a truckload of supplies and we always go home with more than we bought as we spend Saturdays at garage/estate sales.

Two weeks into the vacation my husband got really sick and on Saturday, Oct. 19 he was hospitalized and put on IV antibiotics for a horrible infection in his toe/foot going up his leg. The medical staff spoke to our doctor in New Jersey and they decided to release him Monday morning with me picking him up at 8 a.m. and driving the seven hours to get him on the IV medication here. I am 77 years old and don’t know anyone (except one female friend). When he got sick, I started slowly packing up our belongings between spending most of my time in the hospital. I did not know how I could physically load the truck bed, tarp it down with bicycle on the top. The kayak was on the top of the truck already.

For two days I had seen two men sitting and talking in the multipurpose room. It took all my guts, but I went in and asked them if they knew anyone I could hire to come load the truck with me. They both said they would come home with me then and do it. They were visiting their mother Dorothy who had a stroke. Their names are Ronny and Al and they are brothers. They followed me home and spent two hours packing up the bed of the truck for me and strapping everything down. They would not take a cent from me. I don’t know their last names but I believe Al is a carpenter. These two men are in their 60s.

I cannot begin to express my gratitude to these two Vineyard men or the wonderful people who took care of us in the hospital. Dr. Casper, Dr. Donnelly and Dr. Pil were wonderful and supportive to both of us. All the staff were willing to do anything to help us. And the food was good! We were admitted immediately — no waiting. My hope is that Ronny and Al get to see this letter. I had also met Dorothy’s granddaughter in the multipurpose room. This family were the only visitors I met or spoke to.

Elaine Feller
Pennington, N.J.