In the final home game of the season, the regional high school team fell 22-8 to Norwell on Friday night. The team is now 3-5 for the season, and with a 10th ranking in the division will not move on to the playoffs.

On Friday Norwell drove in the first touchdown midway through the second quarter, but the Vineyard answered on the next drive with a score of their own. Senior Joe Turney took the handoff from quarterback Tony Breth, rushing six yards for the touchdown. Turney and Breth then teamed up for the two-point conversion, tying the game at 8-8.

But Norwell scored again before the half and took advantage of a fumble and a defensive misstep in the third quarter to bring their lead to 22-8. The Vineyard made a final drive with three minutes left in the game. Penalties and a sack led to a late turnover and Norwell closed out the game.

Sophomore Jacob Cardoza led the Vineyard offense with 94 yards on 13 carries. Turney had 57 yards on 12 carries. Senior Kyle Stobie, returning to action from an injury, had 11 tackles to lead the defense. Junior David Macias had nine tackles.

The Vineyarders have two more away games before playing Nantucket in the Island Cup game on Nov. 30. They play Fairhaven next week.