Struck him out! 6-to-1. You won.

Beat the 1-in-25 pre-season odds

the denunciation of pundits and fans

my own renunciation. World Champs.

Boston Strong. For 178 games

the announcer has asked: Can you

believe it?

Eighteen million watched this finale.

Some paid eighteen thousand to sit

in the Park where Ruth played. What haunted

for nearly a century — the curse

of the Bambino and Popeye’s Chicken —

has been exorcised. This is our

[expletive] city.”

Tomorrow is Halloween. Amid

the ghosts and goblins, some

will wear obscure beards and dress

in white shirts with scarlet numerals:

34, 15 maybe even 41. Right now

it’s midnight, time to tip my hat

and hang it carefully on the rack.

— Don McLagan