Thanks for all the kind words in person and comments on the internet from friends and acquaintances new and old, congratulating me for bringing Martha’s Vineyard radio back on air. Few people are more pleased with this news than me. Thanks should go mostly to Dennis Jackson of Wilton, Conn., longtime summer resident of Oak Bluffs, radio entrepreneur and owner of WMEX 88.7 FM for granting the MVY radio group the opportunity. Thanks also, Dennis, from me personally for the chance to perhaps start a new station here on the Vineyard. We know this deal was always maybe on the horizon; it was exciting as I had not managed any aspect of a radio station since the 1990s at Suffolk University, and the experience representing WMEX on-Island is another I’ll not soon forget.

As the on-Island representative for 88.7 FM for these past many months now, after talking with Vineyarders, Islanders and visitors alike on the subject of Martha’s Vineyard on-air radio, I’ve learned the overwhelming opinion of nearly everyone is that MVY radio is an Island institution and they want it back.

I’d like to also take this opportunity to answer a few frequently-asked questions. Yes, it is true — MVY will be back on-air this spring! But no, I will not be working with and for that crew; they have a long-established hierarchy and do not necessarily need new blood (the Friends of MVY radio have proven that). No, this does not affect the broadcast of the Martha’s Vineyard Sharks baseball games on Comcast or the web. MVPBS is the television and internet signal producer; whatever arrangement that may unfold between the radio station and the team is the business of MVY and the Sharks. Yes, I am happy this is happening; it’s what the Island wants. And yes, I do have mixed feelings, but my responsibilities to family and the Martha’s Vineyard community take up so much of my time now. In addition to a full summer of semi-pro hardball, all the film of Martha’s Vineyard High School varsity football or hockey is shot through my lenses, and we shall again co-produce the Christmas in Edgartown Parade live with MVTV, and again bring the world the exclusive New Year’s Eve live celebration from the Island. I’m staying tuned to what I am already doing well, and those things are going well for my focus. This is a good thing. It looks as though we’ll have a fine holiday here on-Island this year; everyone got what they wanted.

Daniel J. Adams
Vineyard Haven