A week before Thanksgiving, I was walking my dog at the beautiful Trade Winds in Oak Bluffs. I’ve had so many positive experiences there with other dog owners and their dogs, but I never expected this one; an accident that happened so fast and the subsequent kindness of strangers.

I was distracted by a Cairn terrier in the field when my large goldendoodle puppy and his playmate whammed into me. I went down full force. People gathered quickly. Susan Radcliff gathered up Parko with her two dogs and Mr. Fligor lent me his phone to call my husband, and he called the EMTs. They both stayed with me until I left for the hospital. Susan later met Phil there to hand over my dog. Thank you, you two, for your kindnesses and to the others there who helped calm the area.

Kudus to the EMTs, especially big Ben who assured me he wouldn’t move my foot unless he had to. And to the great emergency room staff who are so efficient and caring. The PA took extra and expert time with me. Thank you.

It’s so clichéd by now, but I have to say it again — the Vineyard is a great place, especially when you need the help of your fellow Islanders.

Genevieve H. Abbot
Oak Bluffs