It was mid-fall and local musician Adam Lipsky was feeling kind of blue. He looked around the Island and thought the possible venues for playing and listening to music felt static.

“There’s nowhere to play on Martha’s Vineyard anymore, unless you’re playing at a bar,” he lamented. “And as far as a venue for different types of things to happen, more experimental things like different performing acts, there really is not a space.”

As one half of Ouroboros Shadow Pictures, Mr. Lipsky enjoys putting on creative shows that can still surprise.

Enter the Capawock Theatre. The Vineyard Haven landmark celebrated its 100-year anniversary this year and although it has not been screening movies for the last several months, it is available for rent. Mr. Lipsky rounded up some fellow musicians and on Dec. 28 they are holding a one-night only, all-ages show at the theatre, complete with music and shadow puppets, beginning at 8 p.m.

Willy Mason, Nina Violet, Jellybone Rivers and Alisa Javits, the other half of Ouroboros Shadow Pictures, round out the show.

Mr. Lipsky admitted that the non-traditional live music venue is a bit risky.

“We are going out on a limb here,” he said. “We are trying to make money but the real hope is that we are trying to show everyone that it’s actually a worthy thing to invest money and time in. We want to have more regular events at the Capawock.”

“This old theatre is a staple of growing up on the Island,” he added. “Everyone has been there and seen movies. It’s a great space.”

Jellybone Rivers, featuring Rob Myers will open. Mr. Lipsky described Mr. Myers’ music as, “heart-felt but with an edge. It’s classic, very classic. He sings a lot of classic songs but does his own take on them. A lot of what he’ll be playing is classic acoustic music.”

Mr. Lipsky and Ms. Javits’ shadow play follows, with Ms. Violet and Justin Taylor adding their talents to the performance. A different type of storytelling, the play features Ms. Javitz doing the shadowing, without a projector, while Mr. Lipsky plays music.

"She’s the master behind it all,” Mr. Lipsky said.

Ms. Violet will perform a solo third act, followed by Willy Mason.

“His music is raw and kind of urgent,” Mr. Lipsky said. “It’s powerful music from the heart.”

Mr. Lipsky hopes the concert will bring more than a night of good music to the community. “I am mostly excited because we will actually have done it and then hopefully someone will do it again. And that is what excites me. It won’t always be a one-time thing.”

The one-night-only show at the Capawock is Saturday, Dec. 28 at 8 p.m. Tickets are sold at the door. All ages are welcome. For more information, call 774-392-2492.