We’re so tired, we’re so weary

And the weather’s dark and dreary.

But our hearts are full of cheer

It’s been another great Red Stocking year.

Without the help of all our friends

There’d be no gifts that Santa sends.

Knitters and wrappers and shoppers galore,

Brickman’s and Basics who open their store

To those who ride Harleys, eat chili and chowder

Our thanks to you couldn’t be louder...

Warm sheets and blankets and even some beds

All warm and cozy for some sleepy heads.

Thanks to the Sleep Shop (they’re Mike and Pat)

Always so willing . . . we tip our hat.

Special friends stop by during day or at night,

Jodie and Donald Ben David a real welcome sight.

They drop off checks or leave bikes in the yard

Somehow they’re like Santa, they work very hard.

Thanks to the school kids who do so much good

Giving nickels and dimes and boxes of food.

The Toy Box that’s run by Bebe our friend

Whose supply of toys seems to have no end.

She finds us trucks, crayons, dolls and playdough,

Legos and puzzles and sleds for the snow.

So many years Grace Church was our place

But with so many children we ran out of space.

For years we wrapped gifts while Ted made paella . . .

He helped carry gifts, he’s a helpful fella.

To Pat in the office and Father Rob

Thank you for helping us do a good job.

Now St. Augustine’s Church, Father Nagle and Joe

Lent us their space . . . what a great place to go.

Thanks for your help all week and your prayers,

Could you get an elevator next year instead of those stairs?

Some of the elves are getting old,

They’re Lorraine and Kerry, so we’ve been told . . .

For Susie and Leslie, they’re stepping down

Now these two will drive Santa’s sleigh ’round the town.

Donations from friends both far and near

Who seem to come through year after year . . .

who have we skipped, no one we fear,

So Merry Christmas to all . . . see you next year.