Confirming the first promotions under a restructured force, the Oak Bluffs selectmen this week appointed two men to the upper ranks of the fire department.

Shawn Broadley was named deputy fire chief, and Manuel (Manny) Rose was appointed assistant fire chief.

They will serve under John Rose, who took over as interim chief of fire and ambulance services for the town last spring.

The appointments are the result of a more rigorous hiring process as the town works to modernize the fire department.

A study commissioned by the selectmen a year ago turned up several areas of needed improvement, including a more professional staff selection process and better management of paperwork.

Roy E. Jones 3rd., retired Brewster fire chief and author of the report, also recommended that the town bring the fire and EMS services together under unified leadership.

The fire and ambulance services departments have historically shared space and personnel but not the same leadership or budget.

Across Barnstable County, as many as 18 fire districts have combined EMS and fire leadership.

The department is still finalizing a command structure, but the two hires will fit into that plan, Mr. Rose said.

Four candidates applied for the two positions. The selection committee included Mr. Jones and retired Mashpee fire chief George Baker, along with selectman Michael Santoro, moderator Jack Law and personnel administrator Wendy Brough.

Candidates were chosen for their administrative and leadership skills, Mr. Santoro said.

They were also assessed on their fire management skills and participated in a simulated fire at the Wesley Hotel.

“It was a long process and the town did a really great job putting together a diverse committee, so it kept it to be a really equal and fair selection,” Mr. Rose said on Wednesday. “It’s another step forward for our department, and both of the candidates are extremely qualified . . . so it will be a smooth transition.”

On Tuesday, selectmen and others who attended the meeting applauded the two men as they stood to receive approval for their appointments. Mr. Broadley, who has served the fire department since 1990, said Thursday that he is looking forward to “the continued growth of our department, the unity that it brings and the responsibility that comes with it.”

Manny, the acting chief’s brother, joined the fire department in 1992. Disclosures were filed with the town in the fall under state ethic rules.

The annual stipend for the deputy chief increased from $2,500 to $8,000 this fall and the stipend for the assistant chief went up from $2,500 to $6,000.