The following note to the Gazette arrived handwritten from a third grader in Los Angeles seeking information for a school project about the state of Massachusetts. The project also involves resurrecting the lost art of letter writing. The school address is listed below for anyone who would like to help the student.

My name is Kate and I go to the New Roads Elementary School. I am British, but currently living in Los Angeles and I am nine years old. I love science and art.

We are doing a project on the 50 states. I chose Massachusetts as my state because I have a very close friend of mine who lives in Sudbury Massachusetts called Erica. Her grandmother knew my grandmother when she was a child in Norfolk, UK in the 1950s. I have visited Boston, your capital city, and I loved your aquarium.

Could you please send me some information on Massachusetts like a map or brochure or anything like that to help me learn about it so I can tell my classmates.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.

Love, Kate

The school address follows:
New Roads Elementary School
200 Stoner Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90025
c/o teacher Molly Ainsworth