It’s the off-season but that doesn’t mean the celebrities have stopped visiting the Island. On Tuesday, Jan. 21, actors Andy Garcia and Vera Farmiga will touch base with the Vineyard. Best of all they will not be hiding out at some secluded enclave. Instead they will be available to talk about their new movie At Middleton.

To be precise, the actors will not actually be on the Vineyard, but they will be approachable. The evening marks the first event for the recent collaboration between the Martha’s Vineyard Film Center and the New York Film Critics Series, which involves showing interactive screenings of movies before they are in theatres. In addition to the film, actors and other members of the production will be part of the simulcast answering questions in real time about the making of the movie. Mr. Garcia, Ms. Farmiga and the director Adam Rogers will be part of the event. Film critic Peter Travers is the host of the ongoing series.

The evening begins at 8 p.m. on Jan. 21.

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