On the Vineyard every aspect of life revolves around the seasons, and perhaps none more so than business life. In summer the Island is bustling with commerce. In winter of course the predominant theme is closed for business. Thanks for a great summer. See you in the spring, say the familiar signs taped to shuttered store windows.

That is unless you are one of the hardy and committed year-round businesses that stay open to keep your workers employed and provide Islanders with groceries, goods and services, entertainment and meals out.

These are the months when the downtown streets are empty at night, when the options for shopping and dining are sparse. Some bemoan the dead of winter, its isolation and bitter weather. Those who do venture out enjoy the quiet conviviality that almost always involves running into a neighbor or friend.

For year-round businesses these are indisputably the lean months, so word that Josh Aronie, a respected Island chef and restaurateur, is launching an off-season business is welcome news indeed.

Mr. Aronie received permission from the Chilmark selectmen last week to park a food truck at the (shuttered) Chilmark Store until spring. Open Monday through Friday, his business days, hours and fare are geared around working life up-Island. There will be falafels, tacos and a Brazilian lunch plate. Out of deference to Stanley Larsen, who also keeps his fish market open year-round down in Menemsha, there will be no chowder. So we can add good business neighbor to Mr. Aronie’s reputation for good food.

Mr. Aronie’s food truck venture sounds tidy and smart, and we hope it will prove to be the little economic engine that could. Meanwhile, we can only echo the selectmen who asked in unison last week after approving the application:

When do you open?