Now that we are in the new year, let’s think about how to make things different and better for living in Vineyard Haven in the summer. Let’s get a discussion going about traffic mitigation measures. Some thoughts follow.

It would require some study, but could we fit a roundabout at Five Corners? Could trucks manage to navigate it?

Enforce the posted speed limit of 20 miles per hour going toward Five Corners on State Road at the Edgartown Road intersection. A traffic light or an electronic sign there would help allow cars turning left off the Edgartown Road. A traffic light would be better, but some people have a severe aversion to them! They see visions of big box stores like Super Stop & Shops . . . oops.

We could get people out of their cars at the Park and Ride. Make it user-friendly with a terminal for purchasing tickets, a cafe and restrooms. People going to and from the ferry could then take the shuttle. Could the SSA help with this?

Encourage people to walk. Why can’t Vineyard Haven do more things with the embarkation fee money to mitigate summer traffic? After reading the list of current proposals it doesn’t seem to change anything.

Lastly, it’s good advice to never go to or through Vineyard Haven in the summer without checking the SSA schedule first. Keep one on your visor.

And please walk if you can.

Marie Laursen
Vineyard Haven