I have lived in my house on Edgartown Road for 41 years and have tried to keep it looking nice, but alas another year of snow has shown how incompetent the Edgartown highway department is. Year after year they manage to destroy my hill with the snowplow. I realize the bike path has to be plowed so maybe it’s time to hire someone who an actually drive a snowplow without destroying everything in its path.

The more I complain the worse it gets. This year I had Pat Kelly plow the bike path in front of my house so they wouldn’t destroy my hill. I guess the highway department didn’t like it because the damage was worse this last snowstorm than ever.

I invite the Edgartown selectmen to come and see the damage done this time.

I truly miss Laurence Mercier and his crew of friendly, caring, competent men. With any luck, maybe we can have that again in Edgartown as I am thoroughly disgusted with this highway department, and for the record, I will not repair the damage again. Maybe this year my taxes can be used to repair all the damage they cause to me and others. I know it’s used to replace trucks and snowplows they carelessly destroy.

Mad as hell.

Alma Bettencourt