I hosted a free concert on Feb. 1 at the Katharine Cornell Theatre for my 40th birthday. The concert was a huge success and was my gift to the community that supports me and my family. At the event, I asked for donations specifically for musical instrument materials and instrument maintenance in our public schools. We received over $300 in donations.

Over 130 people attended the concert and enjoyed the music of local artists The Flying Elbows, Good Night Louise, Rob Myers, Nina Violet, Shelagh Hackett, Liam Weiland & Tessa Whitaker, and The Daytrippers. The headlining act was a supergroup — Wes Nagy, Mike Benjamin, Tauras Biskis, Brian Weiland, Pinto Abrams and Charlie Esposito — I put together to play the music of the Grateful Dead. This concert was a dream fulfilled. Thank you to all the musicians and the tech crew — Anthony Esposito and Steve Zablotny — for donating their time, 100 per cent free. And thank you to the people of this Island who came out and supported live music!

Boaz Kirschenbaum
West Tisbury