Pennsylvania has its groundhog but the Vineyard has its snowdrops. By now it’s old news that Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, signifying six more weeks of winter weather. Never mind; Tom Hodgson, who is not a groundhog but a West Tisburyite of long repute, saw and photographed snowdrops last weekend at his usual spot on Music street. This is not the first sighting, Tom told the Gazette. Thaw Malin saw and photographed the tiny white flowers last month. Spring harbingers! The Gazette dutifully posted the information on its Facebook page. This set off a round of ribbing from Bert Fischer who claimed Thaw’s snowdrops were plastic. No way, protested Thaw who told Tom who told us. So you can see what we do here in the winter.

By mid-week it was snowing again, leading us to side a little more heavily with Phil since the plows were out again on Music street. But then the rain came and the sun came out and hope surged for the snowdrops. Next up: roses for Valentine’s Day. That’s something to warm hearts in this winter among winters.