In response to a letter published in last week’s (Jan. 31) Gazette, I heartily agree that there is a strong need for more participation in the Vineyard’s electoral process by the public. A vacuum exists between voter input and important decisions made by a few elected officials and paid professional managers.

More citizens need to run for government committee seats or town management positions. This will ensure a greater diversity of ideas, proposed solutions, and more constructive discussions prior to the adoption of regulations and expenditures of each town.

Even more important is the need for an increased number of informed voters at town meetings. It is only through strong participation that a true democracy can endure.

However, as a result of my own experiences, I feel that you should be aware that the path can be difficult. Many eligible voters will refuse to commit to a particular candidate or decision. This should not dissuade you from vocally expressing your opinion or voting for what you think is correct.

Please do your part in improving the lives of all Vineyard residents.

Abraham Seiman
Oak Bluffs