I applaud any group of citizens who are willing to stand out and hold up signs for their cause (Tar Sands Oil Affects Islanders). But opposition to the Keystone pipeline has been proved empty (again last week by the State Department). President Obama is waffling on this issue and should make his mind up soon. We need the oil and the jobs. Let’s get going, Mr. President.

Unfortunately, everything this guy does is political. He has always been beholden to the far left, who don’t want this project but who wrote large checks to his campaigns. Reality plays little part in Obama world, though.

Truth is, the oil is needed. Second, it will get piped or shipped somewhere, either to the U.S., or west for export to Asia.

The folks shown in the accompanying photo last week probably are being kept warm right now by fossil fuel. We need to explore and exploit all sources of energy including oil, nuclear, solar and wind. Technology is ever-expanding, but today solar and wind provide us with far less than five per cent of our daily needs.

These fine people should be more concerned with our scandal-plagued president, who is in the process of alienating our allies and ruining our health care system. Instead of worrying about a job-creating project like Keystone, how about protesting the train wreck also known as Obamacare? The NSA issue? The continuing targeting of private citizens at the IRS? What happened in Benghazi? What about the disastrous fast and furious weapons program? What about Obama’s red line in Syria and the ongoing bloody civil war? The meltdown in Egypt? Libya? How about the never-ending Obama “recovery” that has left millions without work, especially minorities? How about the tragedy of black-on-black violence afflicting our cities? A record 20 per cent of Americans now on food stamps? Where is the president on these pressing issues?

Instead of facing these problems, he’s out campaigning against the so-called rich. Meanwhile, Michelle is busy telling her supporters to give heavily to Democratic candidates leading up to the elections in November. How is that going to help a country that needs answers now?

Mr. President, stop dividing us and get going on fixing what’s broke!

Peter B. Robb
Holliston and Oak Bluffs