Today is Valentine’s Day, a day to kiss your sweetheart, buy your baby a bouquet or bestow a box of chocolates on that special someone. Lacking a human worthy of your romantic love, take a moment to hug your dog, pat your cat or say something pleasant to a neighbor or a friend. It’s February; we can all use a little warmth.

There’s no holiday for generosity, so we have borrowed this one to celebrate the people and groups who make life better on the Island. If love is caring about something outside yourself, the Heart of the Vineyard, a special publication the Gazette is introducing this week, is a tribute to Island love. In it you will find stories and information about many of the not-for-profit organizations on the Vineyard that provide basic services, help people in crisis, improve our environment and enrich our lives.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your loved ones. And a warm thank you to the many people who contribute their time and resources to making the Vineyard a place that feels like home.