This past weekend, the musical Cats was performed by the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School performing arts department students. We would like to acknowledge publicly and thank the many community members, faculty and alumni who joined together to make this show possible. Although we would love to name everyone individually, there are just too many to do that here.

We were fortunate to have professional carpenters and plumbers help construct our set. We had professional musicians playing in the band with our students. Several adults from the community gave countless hours working on costumes and makeup.

This year we also had many Island school staff involved in the production — from directing to playing in the band, from conducting to character work, from set pieces to makeup — not just from the high school, but from the elementary schools as well!

The community supported us with record attendances at our shows, even though we had to cancel Saturday evening due to snow and have an unscheduled Monday matinee. Everyone involved in Cats is extremely proud of the students for their performances and grateful to everyone who helped make this show possible.

Jan Wightman

Betsy Hauck