I write in defense of Roger Wey. In all the many years I have known Roger (and particularly when he was a selectman of Oak Bluffs) the Roger I knew was honest, considerate and helpful. The incident as reported by the Gazette relating to the possibility that funds were misused at the Oak Bluffs Council on Aging of which he is the director leaves the distinct impression that he did it. That is unfair. A criminal investigation that ends in no action should not be used to tarnish the reputation of those involved. I am sure that the reporter accurately quoted the statements of the police and public officials that gave that impression. However, I wonder whether it is fair to solicit those statements when individuals such as Roger do not have the means to hire the publicists as corporate America does to restore their reputations and perhaps the accused does not have the ability to articulate his or her own defense.

I would like to think that an unblemished reputation established over many, many years is more important than vague innuendos. The same edition of the Gazette had an article relating to how members of our community were not coming forth to run for elected office. The reporting of the incident relating to Roger Wey may be a contributing factor to people not wanting to expose themselves to unfair criticism. Give Roger the benefit of the doubt.

Howard Miller