I have had to find a couple of things to divert myself from Quilt-gate. I went to the excellent presentation on horseshoe crabs at the Oak Bluffs Public Library last Thursday night, and Tuesday afternoon to the eBay talk also at the library.

Of course, they both took place in the same room where the St. Patrick’s Day debacle took place. But I managed to brave it without too much emotional stress.

Then on Tuesday afternoon, after the eBay talk I had visitors:

1. Town accountant, Arthur Gallagher.

2. The off-Island investigator from New Hampshire . . . re: the larceny charge.

3. Travis, the town’s go-to guru of all things technological.

No police this time.

They needed another bank statement or two off my computer. So I said “sure.” Some kind of thumb something.

I also gave the investigator a two-page timeline synopsis of the quilt fund for fuel (and other) assistance, stressing how the previous two town administrators were happy to have the quilt fund monies and road race monies be directed to our fuel assistance account.

When the new administrator, Robert Whritenour, came he should have let us know that he had a different idea, and that after eight years of doing business as we had been doing it, things were different now.

I would like to have closure, for Roger, especially, and for me. He belongs back at the council on aging.

Glenna Barkan
Oak Bluffs