A foundation of our very government has been volunteerism. I would consider it to be the opportunity of every citizen to participate in the formulation of our laws, lest we fall prey to the controls and regulations established by those who would control and regulate us. Such are financed through the taxation of we who support this oversight. At least one problem at the moment is the magnitude and ponderous and costly nature of all this control. Our government was originally operated by citizens who would gather periodically for their deliberations, then return to their peaceful endeavors. Now that government has become a ponderous, bloated, overlapping and expensive pastime and employer of last resort for those who would make it a career and live off of it, and think that they know better than we do what is good for us. This really is indulgent, self-serving, immoral and arrogant. Ours is a republic, not a despotic aristocracy.

Election time is soon upon us. Time to do our homework and our duty.

Please be assured that there is no intention here to insult the many devoted, productive and efficient individuals who in their various ways contribute to the establishment and maintenance of the many systems in place that contribute to the strength of our culture and civilization.

John M. Boardman
Oak Bluffs