As the town meeting season begins this spring, I hope that all Island residents will support funding for our Adult Education program, which has been offering classes to all of us for the last six years. This is the first year that ACE MV, as the adult education program has been known, has come to the towns asking for monetary support to continue classes which are aimed at all levels of learners. The classes offered provide job training, certificate courses, GED, college courses and enrichment classes, to name a few of the great variety one can find in the ACE catalogue.

I’ve taken quite a few classes over the last six years and have found the teachers and classes to be enjoyable and worthwhile in many ways, plus it’s always interesting to meet and interact with other Islanders in an informal yet educational setting.

Each town is assessed a fair share and if one town votes it down, then the program can’t continue next year. This is an important part of our Island educational community and is important to the growth and well-being of all of our citizens. Please vote yes to carry on this wonderful and much needed program.

Barbara Thomas Murphy