I am writing this letter to voice my objection to the proposed Stop and Shop in Vineyard Haven. This project is simply too big for the site, and will consequently have deep and severe impacts on traffic, parking, visual appeal and our already sensitive environment.

Please don’t let the Stop and Shop ruin our beautiful harborfront in Tisbury. Doing so will also impact the entire Island in a negative way, including our cherished quality of life. We live here on the Island because we want to live a more simple existence, away from the big business of Walmart, McDonald’s and the like. It would be tragic to have a giant supermarket littering our lovely downtown. Five Corners is the worst possible location on the whole Island to put this 40,000-square-foot proposed building. What are they thinking! It’s just plain too big and out of scale. We don’t need it. Tasteful renovations for the Water street Stop and Shop would be an improvement, and a small addition would seem reasonable, but this proposal is ridiculous.

Please do the right thing, preserve our harborfront, and just say no to the Stop and Shop corporate giants.

Mary Jo Goodrich

Vineyard Haven