The following letter was sent to the Martha’s Vineyard Commission.

I urge you to deny the Stop & Shop application DRI 89-M3 for the following reasons:

• I don’t believe that anyone has yet demonstrated, with facts, that there is any need to increase the size of the existing store. No one has ever told me that there aren’t enough places to buy food. Some misguided folks seem to believe that a new store will offer more choices, however, that is not what Stop & Shop representatives are saying in their submission. So, where are the advantages to the Island community. All I see are potential detriments.

• I am not comfortable with the Martha’s Vineyard Commission process in reviewing this application. I feel that we, the Island residents, are being “sold out”to big money interests from abroad. I am not at all happy with the “back-room deals” that I see in progress. This smacks to me awfully like off-Island style corruption. I am making no accusations — I am just saying that the situation “smells.” I feel that the rug is being pulled out from under us.

• I am not confident that the interests Chapter 831 mandates should be protected, are being taken seriously. I see dollar signs written all over the way this project is being railroaded through. So far as I am concerned — goodbye Martha’s Vineyard. This will set a precedent we will decry from here on out.

• If this project gets approval, I, and many others, will boycott Stop & Shop, and do everything we can to avoid going through Vineyard Haven. What with the traffic and destruction of Island values, it just won’t be worth the bother. We will take our business elsewhere.

The real shame of this situation is that I see a loss of confidence in the Martha’s Vineyard Commission, and in the way that it does its job. I hope that you will come to your senses in time to redeem your reputation, before it is too late.

Heidi Dunkl