Marvelous Marathon Monday! Reaffirmation is so sweet. Thanks to all who participated and that includes medical helpers, police, fire departments, sanitation, water hander-outers, the whole shebang. Same time, next year.

Many friends returned for a brief week or weekend to open Island homes and connect with Island friends. Renovations and garden plans were mapped out. A quick welcome and goodbye to Bob and Elaine Klein who managed three days on-Island. Holly Towles and husband Khalil Khalil were able to spend about five days. They can’t come back soon enough for us.

Nonna, Teri and I managed to get all gussied up and attend Easter Mass at St. Augustine’s on Sunday. The 11:30 a.m. Mass was in Portuguese which is fine for me, close enough for Nonna, the Italian professor, and an interesting reach for Teri. It coincided with the christening of three beautiful babies. We had the pleasure of meeting Father Lopes for the first time, although I know he was born and brought up here. I saw friends I hadn’t seen for years, many were in my adult English conversation classes, many were their children I met while subbing in the public school. Many of the children are now taller than their parents. We were graciously invited to the Easter/Christening brunch after Mass in the community room downstairs. Three strong and handsome Brazilian men lifted my mother’s wheelchair and carried her like a queen down to the festivities. Nonna and Teri marveled at the great food and Brazilian recipes. I was not surprised. I have been enjoying this cuisine for years. Special mention to Regina and Gisele for making us feel so welcome. Same time, next year.

Louis Larsen, you and your team are amazing! The Net Result was open for business and will remain so. Louis is just awaiting the new lobster tank. It wouldn’t be spring without the doors open at the Net Result.

Did you have a poem in your pocket yesterday? National Poetry Month each April designates April 24 as Poem in Your Pocket Day. I carried around One Perfect Rose by Dorothy Parker. Poems were read on the intercoms at banks, the Stop & Shop stores, and the SSA. Poems were handed out as you boarded the Chappy Ferry. William Waterway presented poems at MVTV from 3 to 4 p.m. This was the third year. You have time to collect your favorite poem (or write it!) for next year. Poetry in motion, indeed.

Confidential to Lyn K: Nonna and I have run through several books since last column. She is now reading To the Hilt by Dick Francis. I am reading Straight Man by Richard Russo. We were enormously aided by attending the monthly mini book sale at our library last Saturday. We’ll see you there in May.

In other library news, tomorrow is the last Saturday of April to get help learning how to download library ebooks, Audio ebooks, and Clams Overdrive systems. Free help is available from 10 a.m. to noon, but making an appointment today would be appreciated. Call 508-696-4210. If you are interested in planning and tracking the direction of our library, join the monthly meeting of the Friends of the Vineyard Haven Library on Monday, April 28 at 1 p.m. Please note that the library will close early at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday April 29 so that we may all get to the annual town meeting at the Tisbury school auditorium by 7 p.m. Computers will be shut off by 6 p.m. I’ll see you there. Last reminder from this ever-active Island source — enter your art work by May 4 for the art show in our stacks in June.

Much sadness at our library, in our town and in my neighborhood. Kathy Stinson, friend and educator to all, children’s librarian for over 10 years, died last week. Our condolences go out to her family and her dear husband, Larry Gomez. Our community is much diminished without her.

Ron and Barsha Tolin celebrate many years of wedded bliss on April 26. Bouquets to them.

Here is a shout-out to my good buddies Lauren Martin, her husband Mike Seccombe, Seth and Jaqui Campbell and to all who know what this means: Happy Anzac Day!

The birthday bandwagon pulls up today alongside Lorraine Clark, Noah Scheffer, Lindy Ebol, Sarah Codding, Russ Wilson, Betty Roberts and Jennifer Cove today. April 26 belongs to Ardis Fitzpatrick, Janet Kunzelman, Kristin Lee, Mike Seccombe and Jamie Hale. April 27 is shared by Katharine Kavanagh and Jennie Lindland. April 28 is a party for Ron Tolin, Jenna Corey and Paulo Roberto Oliveira. April 29 shines on Stephen Dunham the Younger and Marci Nichols. April 30 is for Penny Wong, Ronilton Oliveira, Brian Ditchfield, Bob Jewett, and twin Andie Williamson. On May 1st twin Ellie Williamson, Marina Natichioni, Megan Stiller, Kirsten Claussen, Barbara Murphy, Mary Muckerheide, Nancy Slonin Aronie, and Lindsey Ben David take the cake. Many happy returns.