Editor’s Note: Who wins mother of the year? Island school children participated in an essay-writing contest that concluded on Mother’s Day weekend with an announcement of winners and a brunch at the Harbor View Hotel in Edgartown. The contest, organized by Edgartown Books, was part of the Edgartown Board of Trade’s Pink and Green weekend. The four winning essays follow, by Matthew Fontaine, a first grader in Oak Bluffs, Vivian Peak, a third grader in Tisbury, Kya Maloney, a sixth grader in Edgartown, and Rose Engler, an eighth grader in Oak Bluffs.


Lunch Box Love Letters

Sydney Mullen

by Matthew Fontaine

    My mom is the best mom because . . . My mom is named Becki. When I help mom she hugs me. She gets my clothes out.
    My mom makes dinner for me. My mom writes a note for me every day and puts it in my lunch box. My mom does funny stuff. My mom loves me all day. My mom tucks me in bed and she kisses me and reads me a story.
    She takes me to play hockey. She makes yummy stuff. My mom is the best mom in the whole wide world.
    I love her.


My Mom Sparkles

Sydney Mullen

by Vivian Peak

    My mom, Rachel Orr, is the best mom in the world. She is beautiful because her eyelashes and her hair sparkle. She is very kind, she gives money to the poor which I think is generous. Caring is in her heart. When I’m sick, she always sits next to me and talks to me and then I do not feel nauseous anymore.
    She also is an animal lover. Giving me a cute fluffy dog was the kindest thing she ever did. When we went to the Aquarium she let me touch a smooth stingray. Cooking pancakes with her is the best. She also helps me with my homework and sometimes she just gives me the answer.
    Colorado is where she was born. She went to six schools in her childhood. Private schools did not work for her. My mom totally rocks and I love her!


Lessons in Hope and  Love

By Rose Engler

Sydney Mullen

    My mother is like nobody in the world you will ever meet, or like anybody you have met. There are no words to describe her, no titles you could pin to her head. Yet she is beautiful, yes that is how I would describe her. Beautiful, not the outer meaning of the word, but in the inner hidden meanings of the word. Simple, yet intricate. Elegant, yet fun. And humble, yet confident. Yes, this is what my mom is. She is BEAUTIFUL, from the curves of the B to the straightforward, transparent and honest line of the L. She is Beautiful.
    My mom is my life and the life of many people around her. She brings sunshine when all there is is rain. She brings hope. My mother gave birth to my four siblings and I. Five kids, that is a lot, right? It sounds even more when I type it “five kids,” with five different personalities, challenges, strengths and dreams.
    I had always wanted a baby sister. I was the only girl in between a gaggle of three boys. I wanted to do her hair and put her in cute dresses as she wobbled, learned to crawl, and eventually walk. I wanted to hear her coo my name in that way baby girls do. Down the road, I dreamed I would see her falling in love, getting married and having children. I wanted a best friend to have forever and always. When I was 10 years old I received my only wish, and my mother gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Lucy. She was born healthy and normal. Later we saw she wasn’t maturing like a normal baby would, well, she was not “normal.” My baby sister was diagnosed with microcephaly, cerebral palsy, blindness and a few more disabilities. They said that she will never walk, talk, eat by herself or have the ability of any kind of cognitive movement, she would be stuck in a chair. Two years ago she mastered the skill of drinking from a cup. Last year she learned to eat solid foods with help. This week she rolled. She rolled for the first time ever, and in the years to come she may walk. My point is sometimes doctors just give what they think are the facts, forgetting to take in to account a child’s spirit to flourish.
    My mom has believed in my baby Lu from the beginning. My mom is why Lucy can now drink and roll. Why she is not hooked up to a feeding tube, or ignored. She has spent hours and days slowly coaxing her along, never giving up, never getting frustrated of the fact that after days of work, Lucy would forget and they would have to start over. She would instead take a breath, and begin again.
    My mom has introduced me to a new state of mind. My mom has taught me that my baby sister Lucy also has a voice. Some children are born with the gift of just naturally learning how to walk. Lucy was not, so she had to figure out how with lots of help, help given by my mom. My mom never gives up. She is so strong. She has never given up on me, my baby sister, or any of my three brothers in even the darkest of times. She is always there, always so steady, and always so calm. My mom has taught me to be hopeful instead of sad, and to look into the future instead of contemplating why this happened to her, and wishing it hadn’t. I look forward now, and push away all of the boundaries. Anything is possible if you want it to be.
    She always makes us feel equally loved, like she has all the time in the world for each and every one of us. I do not know how she does it, and would be extremely proud to be half the mother she is, as would everyone else. It is unbelievable.
    My mom is a mother, a teacher, a leader, a counselor, a cook, a therapist, an organizer and a friend. She has never told me once that I couldn’t do something, but instead “when will you start.” She has inspired me beyond belief, and when people say we resemble each other, I am so proud. I know that I am not yet, but some day hopefully I will resemble her on the inside as much as I do on the outside, hopefully one day I will carry her beauty.

Sydney Mullen

I Love You More Than Infinity

By Kya Maloney

    Moms. They have the hardest job in the world. They nurse people, they feed people, they give advice to people. You get the gist. But my mom, Samantha Lee Cron, is the best at what she does. And that is being a mom.
    Sam Cron is a hardworking mother with two kids and a job as a nurse at MVH. In my opinion she is also a very good cook. When we spend quality time together we don’t just work on one big activity, we squeeze in 10 different activities in one day!!!!
    “Spread your wings,” she says.
    “Don’t let one tiny thing ruin your day,” she advises.
    “I love you,” she hums to me.
    Our favorite thing to do together is “shop til we drop.” We love searching in T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, Target, Old Navy, Gap, etc. for amazing deals. We also love to sit down and just watch a movie and snuggle up in the softest blanket.
    Remember earlier when I mentioned her being a good cook? Well, she is. Some of her most famous meals are her cheesy chicken. Organic chicken showered with gooey cheese and a tomato basil blend on the side. There is also Sam’s utterly tender teriyaki chicken breasts.
    As a nurse, Sam works night shifts taking care of people from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. After her shifts she comes home to her beloved dog, Reggie Cronmalone (a combination of last names), and a bed calling her name to sleep the whole day. Currently she is going to school for getting a “promotion” from LPN to RN.
    With my mom’s busy job she still has time to tidy up the house with my dad, my brother and me, Kya. I clean the bathroom and my own bedroom. Mason, my brother, only has to clean his room. But that could be a whole day’s worth of cleaning. And my mom and dad just clean what’s left.
    Aside from cleaning, she’ll always have time to spend time with family. Once a week or more, my mom, my dad, my brother, my dog and I go to my grandparents’ Papa and Lu’s house and have dinner or watch football, baseball or hockey.
    Overall, my mom is a hardworking, loving, caring, funny, amazing mom and no one can ever change her or my opinion.
    Mom, I love you more than infinity and Google and beyond.