Beneath a clear blue sky, children scrambled up the steps of fire trucks and parents peeked inside police cruisers at the West Tisbury public safety building open house on Saturday.

The event was an opportunity for kids – and parents – to meet officers, drink root beer and see equipment not normally available for a hands-on view. It was also a celebration of the town’s new public safety complex.

Six fire trucks, a rescue boat, an ATV and an ambulance were on display in the front parking lot of the complex. Around back, where the police station stands, several police cruisers were parked.

Fire Captain Kenny Mastromonaco in front of the fire rescue boat. The department has six divers, but is always looking for more. — Sydney Bender

Volunteer firefighters, paramedics and police officers welcomed everyone to the new complex with handshakes and high fives.

The police station moved into the 5,600-square-foot public safety complex at 454 State Road at the end of March. On Saturday, West Tisbury police chief Dan Rossi gave community members tours of the new station while volunteer firefighters and EMTs answered questions about rescue equipment.

Fire Department Captain Kenny Mastromonaco talked to residents about the dive rescue squad. Nearby was the fire department rescue boat, a 17-foot Zumro boat that is normally kept at the fire station on Edgartown-West Tisbury Road.

“We use it for diving. It’s a really good dive boat,” Captain Mastromonaco told the crowd. He added that the squad currently has six divers. Echoing one of the themes of the day—recruitment — he added: “We are always looking for more.”

The event began at 4 p.m. and lasted for three hours. Fire Chief Manuel Estrella 3rd said about 150 people attended. “It was a nice turn out,” Chief Estrella said. “We did it so people could come see the police station.”

Fire Captain Peter Marzbanian manned the grill, cooking up hamburgers, hot dogs and linguica.

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