On April 27, we received the phone call no parent ever wants to get. Our beloved daughter, Elinor, was critically injured in an automobile accident a very long way from home. We rushed to Virginia not certain what we would face, and behind us the Island mobilized to provide us with awe-inspiring support.

There are too many people to name here, so many came forward to help us, Islanders and friends of Islanders, to make certain our family was taken care of when we were far away and to protect us upon our return. That love still keeps pouring in from all directions. We feel blessed by every act of kindness and truly believe Elinor’s steady recovery is due to the supportive comfort, prayers and good wishes that have held our family close over this difficult time.

Ellie is doing so very well and is returning to her teenage life with some gusto. A heartfelt thanks to all for being a part of this path to wellness and your part in this incredible Island grace.

Adam Hanjian and Mary Holmes
Oak Bluffs