As you can see from this photograph, despite all the badmouthing about Beach Road, it does have its charms. And those charms lay mainly in the trees that provide shade and greenery and enhance the experience of drivers, pedestrians and cyclists.

In a recent effort to “beautify” Beach Road it was proposed to widen the road five and a half feet. Not only would this be disastrous to businesses, but it would erase all of the beauty that does exist and force the removal of the most important addition to Beach Road — its trees and vegetation.

This photograph illustrates something critically important. In fact, I would say that looking northeast from the Saltwater Restaurant, there is an important lapse of trees that should be corrected. In addition, if trees could be added to the north side of Beach Road as well, there would be a delightful canopy of greenery that would totally change the area.

Frank Brunelle
Vineyard Haven