This has been a remarkable graduation, so many things to be thankful for and yet what I missed about the ceremonies was mention of all the kids who would be moving on to join a family business, the plumbers, the carpenters, electricians-in-training, the landscapers, farmers, oil delivery guys, childcare workers, mechanics, waitresses/waiters, line cooks, checkout and any other kid who makes up the fabric of our everyday Island lives. Why is there not a scholarship for these kids who choose or have to stay on-Island so they too could take a month and travel? Or a scholarship for a short-term learning exploration? Why are all three speakers the top academic performers? Shouldn’t one speaker be any student who wants to address his/her class? Suppose any student who was interested in addressing the class were able to submit their name and then the class voted on who should have the honor at graduation or just pick a name from the hat? What might the class and we have heard if the process was a democratic one rather than based on some intellectual hierarchy?

Valerie Sonnenthal