Yes, Chilmark Sunday softball is about to begin — June 22 at Flander’s Field. What started out in the 1930s in a back lot on the Menemsha Inn Road, moved to Tommey’s Field, has blossomed into a summer ritual. The spirit of David Flanders will be there — along with other Chilmark softball greats — Lenny Jason, Wes Cottle, Johnny Alley and Peter Simon cheering from the sidelines. Everyone plays — young and old, men and women. You better get there early at 8:30 a.m. if you want to play in the first game of the double-header.

There is a missing piece this year. Howard Wall used to play Take Me Out to the Ball Game on his bagpipes, dressed in a Scotch kilt. With his passing last year there is a huge hole in our line-up. If you can play that tune on any instrument, just show up. We’ll forgive you for not wearing a kilt.

Bill Edison, the Comish