The following letter was sent to Cape and Islands state Sen. Dan Wolf in response to H4158, a pending state bill that could curtail the solar power industry.

Here on Martha’s Vineyard there are at least 98 private homes, including our very modest one, that have recently added solar power, partly because of the forward-looking attitude and support of our legislature and governor. We hope that this will not change, particularly at a time when Massachusetts is leading the northeast in this initiative, and finally, the nation, via President Obama’s new rules that are just catching up with Massachusetts.

This new bill, as yet to reach you, I understand, in the senate, is similar to others throughout the nation that are written and financially supported by the Koch brothers. Surely, we need to support alternative energy for a much longer period of time than we already have. We hope we can count on you to deny the Koch’s another victory.

Frank and Fran McDermott