While Rhonda Backus was working inside Alley’s General Store last weekend she noticed there was a crowd gathering outside.

“It was a vibe of when the president drives by,” she said.

She went out to the porch to see what the commotion was about. “All of these visitors had their cameras out,” she said.

But instead of watching a procession of cars in a motorcade, the crowd had gathered to see a procession of black and white baby skunks.

“They were all marching around and the customers were screaming and running,” said Liz Greene, who also works at Alleys. “They were so cute because they followed each other with their tails up.”

As many as five to seven baby skunks (kits) were seen hanging around Alley’s porch over the weekend.

“One customer took three of them in the back of the lot and put them out by the trees,” said Ms. Greene.

Ms. Backus said that the kits’ mother was hit by a car on State Road last week.

At lunch time on Monday, two of the kits peeked their heads out from under the porch and meandered along the building’s foundation, foraging for food.

“I’m hoping they’ll leave and venture and find food elsewhere, and then they’ll be too big to go under there,” Ms. Backus said.

But for now, she doesn’t mind having the kits shelter under the store.

“They’re so adorable.”

Photo gallery: Baby Skunks at Alley's General Store.