Reading the Gazette is usually a fun, relaxing and informative experience for me. But today we find a letter from Nick van Nes who suggests that the tragedy of 9/11 was a government conspiracy. I had to read his comments four times to make sure I was actually comprehending his accusations. “One doesn’t have to be a demolition expert to realize that blatant, undisputed evidence of controlled demolitions was overlooked by the government in its official account of 9/11.” Controlled demolitions? Really?

We all remember where we were that day and how we ran to the nearest television to watch the planes fly into the buildings over and over again. Since then, we have learned from informers how Islamic terrorists planned and executed their attacks in New York and Washington, D.C. It is burned into our memory. It has become part of our history. Sadly, terrorism is now a part of us.

To deny the Al Qaeda plot is to ignore reality. It is like listening to Iran’s mullahs deny the Holocaust. It is offensive. I am offended by Mr. van Nes and others who think 9/11 was an inside job.

Robert A. Lawrence Jr. died that day in the South Tower. He was a close friend of mine. I cried most of the long drive down to New Jersey to attend his funeral. Along with hundreds of other people, including his wife Suzanne and his young children, we mourned his loss and the loss of 2,995 other Americans. We prayed for them and for our country.

Unlike many citizens around the world, we are protected by a Constitution that guarantees free speech and free thought. That means individuals here are able to say stupid and offensive things without fear of arrest or torture. This is the true blessing of living in America. Happy Fourth of July!

Peter B. Robb
Holliston and Oak Bluffs