Can you imagine how happy Ted Farrow would have been to see his original artwork of Tashtego, the Gay Head Indian harpooner (from Moby-Dick) adorning the Gazette’s issue of June 20?

He actually did the original art to simulate a woodcut and that artwork is framed and resides with my son in Watertown. It is quite a beautiful and majestic figure. Thank you for reviving our old friend, Tashtego, and bringing him back to the pages of the Gazette after all these years. I think we last used that image the year we retired in 1996.

Time has wrought changes. Ted died in 2011; I have moved to a lovely retirement community in Venice, Florida — but Vineyard memories are kept very much alive through the Gazette, and the ever-watchful eyes of two of my sons who live there — one all year, the other seasonally. My recollections go back to 1945, the boys (men?) have never missed a year since 1951. Many memories, indeed.

Jane Farrow
Venice, Fla.