The following letter was sent to Oak Bluffs police chief Erik Blake.

My husband and I wish to commend the four officers of your department who were so responsive to our needs on Sunday, July 13.

We attended the David Crohan concert at the Tabernacle along with some relatives who were our guests from New Jersey. When we attempted to find our car following the concert, we encountered some difficulty locating where it had been parked. My husband had dropped us off at the Tabernacle and then attempted to find a parking space. In his haste to get to the concert, he was uncertain exactly where he had parked. He approached the Tabernacle while still light, but upon leaving it was quite dark and more difficult to find the vehicle.

At his request, we walked in the wrong direction and found ourselves quite far from where it was parked and could not find our vehicle. In desperation I phoned your department and your officers responded immediately. Regretfully, I do not know their names, but every one of them was professional, helpful, caring and showed compassion for our situation. They were able to locate our vehicle in a very short time and offered us a ride to our car. Needless to say, we were very grateful and greatly impressed with their response. It was a great relief, and we cannot thank your officers enough.

You should be very proud of these officers because they reflect upon your department in a most favorable way. Again, we are very thankful and grateful for the help we received.

Helene Brown and Henry Kudish
Vineyard Haven