Chilmark is Snoot City? I don’t think so.

In response to comments in the Gazette online as well as letters and comments elsewhere regarding the report to the selectmen from the town committee on use of town-owned facilities, I’d note that requests for information were sent to all users within the past two years of the community center and the Chilmark School; five open meetings were held and the report was on the agenda of the selectmen’s meeting for July 15. Chilmark values are exemplified by many things — from the Menemsha sailing races that are open to all boats of any type, to the softball games that are open to all participants. Chilmark values are not served by rich people getting better seating and better parking spaces at events at Chilmark facilities. The report recommended a charge for the use of facilities that would be commensurate with the cost of cleaning, repairing and maintaining a building that is a historical site. I am sure the selectmen will take whatever actions they think are in the best interests of the town and all of its citizens.

James Malkin

James Malkin is chairman of a town facilities study committee.