It was fitting. Under a solid heavy sky that touched the trees,
Rain poured down. Cleansing, as a bath after a long week’s labor.
The caravan slowly followed. Long black Cadillac, Plymouth GTX,
Deuce convertible? Aqua marine Nova. See . . . Harpoon lane,
Rescuers saluting, black draped house. Red beacon warns!
Bleeds into the sea. A circle completed. Out to the Bite.
Past clammers, draggers, ancestors sailed.
His uncle claimed the only white whale.
Left up a torrent, a hill made for rest.
Crowd gathered round. A humble brother did say . . . Of one who
Inordinately gave free will. To country, Island tribe
To all unpaid bills, absolution was given
Singers, drummers, guitarist, 21 gunners,
The official pipe carrier spoke . . . Elder, teacher, friend.
Wafting abalone shell did smoke
Told the story of a lost spirit Wand
You cannot find it, you cannot see it
Presence is not gone
Still a community says goodbye to one of their own.

— A. Jeremiah Colarusso