There wasn’t enough of it. There was too much of it. Which parts of summer would you like to talk about?

Summer weather: June, glorious June led to July with equal parts of rain and sun which led to tinder-dry August, with dirt roads sending up great clouds of dust sliced by wide shafts of golden light on late afternoons. Not enough of it.

Summer social calendar: full to overflowing, events every night, sometimes three times a night. Too much of it.

Summer friends and family time: pink-cheeked grandchildren splashing in the salty water until they turned blue, coming home sandy, ready for a rinse and stories read aloud in summer pajamas. Not enough of it.

Summer traffic: Taking two hours to get to the post office and back. Too much of it.

As Labor Day arrives and we gaze at the outgoing ferries filled to capacity, we go back and forth like this: One part wistful, one part happy, savoring fleeting warm days and swims in a cooling ocean as another season slips away.

Not enough of it, that’s the consensus.

But all the same, looking forward to September.