I want to thank Dr. Adibi for his excellent op-ed piece in the August 15 Gazette. I urge the selectmen to consider his suggestion that part-time residents be given the opportunity to participate in town decision-making as is done in Eastham on the Cape now. There is a lot of talent in this group and their substantial investment in seasonal homes motivates them to want the best for Edgartown. Additionally, and more parochially, as a Chappy part-time resident I would hope the selectmen will resume the practice of having at least one member present at the annual meeting of the Chappaquiddick Island Association (CIA). The CIA includes a large number of Chappy’s part-time residents. Attending these meetings one Saturday morning a year does not require any great effort, and it is an easy way for the board of selectmen to get a first-hand sense of the part-time resident community’s concerns as well as their potential to help deal with some of Chappy’s — and Edgartown’s — problems.

David Ames Jr.

and Chappaquiddick