Tuesday morning’s broadcast of Tisbury School’s Tiger Talk began as it always does: weather forecast, lunch menu, announcements and birthdays. And then Alison Smith and Laura Bernard’s second grade class walked into the library, single file, all sporting . . . mustaches.

The chevron, the handlebar, the walrus, the Fu Manchu — these are just a few of the terms that have become part of the school lexicon thanks to the movement known as Movember, an annual event to raise awareness for men’s health issues through the growing of mustaches.

This year, the Tisbury School embraced the spirit of Movember by participating in a fundraiser for the Island Food Pantry. While the kids sported fake mustaches, several staff members grew the real thing to help motivate the students to collect items for the food pantry.

Sean DeBettencourt had half his face shaved for the cause. — Alison L. Mead

Scott Schofield, an English teacher, used the opportunity for education. His sideburns were in the shape of exclamation marks and his chin hair was shaved in the shape of a question mark. Mr. Schofield had tried the question mark pattern once before, but it came out backwards. “Through experience now I’ve got it down,” he said.

Assistant principal Sean Mulvey preferred a rugged style, sporting a full Fu Manchu and soul patch. Principal John Custer, social studies teacher Sean Debettencourt, and resource officer Scott Ogden camouflaged their mustaches behind full beards.

Operation mustache was led by Melissa Ogden and Sean Mulvey, and the students rallied around the cause by collecting donations throughout the month. As the facial hair lengthened, so did the giving.

“I was quite frankly surprised and impressed that a lot of the kids already knew what Movember was,” said principal John Custer. “It is nice to know that they get what it is and why it’s important.”

Students collected almost 600 donation items which were delivered to the food pantry.

Kayo Sampaio wears a mustache in solidarity with his teachers. — Alison L. Mead

“You guys certainly got behind it and we appreciate that,” Mr. Custer said during Tiger Talk. “Also, thanks for putting up with the facial hair this month.”

On Monday, students voted for which male staff member they would like to see shave one side of his face live on Tiger Talk. Sean DeBettencourt was the lucky winner.

Because Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Bernard’s second grade class collected the most food donations, they were rewarded with front row seats to Mr. DeBettencourt’s live shave. In solidarity, many students wore half mustaches to the ceremony.

Giggles ensued as Mr. DeBettencourt sat on a stool in the library with clippers in hand.

“I’d like thank all the Tisbury students for voting for me,” Mr. DeBettencourt said as he began to shave the right side of his face. “Go Tigers!”

“I’m hoping that I’ll still command the same authority in the class that I usually do,” Mr. DeBettencourt said after the shave.

As five members of the male staff posed for a photograph Mr. Custer joked, “This is the best opportunity that you’ll ever have to say make sure you get my good side.”

So does Mr. DeBettencourt plan to keep the half shave look for the rest of Movember?

“No,” he said. “At 2:41 I’ll be standing in the men’s room taking care of this.”