Once again, I’ve been scooped. The most important event of any Chappy spring – the blooming of the shad – took place on Peter’s watch. One would think that with all the kindness and generosity that I have displayed with nature, that she might have held the shad back 24 hours until Peter’s deadline passed. One would be wrong. On the bright side, Peter did a lovely job in describing the seemingly sudden arrival of the beautiful white flower. And truth be told, I might have missed the event entirely had I been the responsible reporting party. My work blinders severely limit my observational skills. I’ve had houses go up around me that I don’t notice until the owners get around to inviting the locals over for cocktails (usually about year three).

Aside from the shad, the other big news is the Slip Away Farm pig roast and the golf tournament that will precede it this Saturday. The tournament starts at noon at my esteemed Chappy Links, and the roast follows at 4 p.m. One need not attend one to attend the other. Suggested donation for the pig roast is $20, and though the tournament is presently full, I won’t turn anyone away the day-of who has the $40 entry fee in hand. I’ll do teams of six if it gets the fine folk at Slip Away a little more money for their well project. I project a gloriously sunny day full of butterflies and unicorns (if I can convince someone to tape a horn to their goat’s forehead).

For those of you marking your calendars and planning accordingly, you can expect Cousin Annie’s promotion of her trip to Europe to occur sometime between the bloom of the shad and the beach plum. Regardless of the actual destination—be it Turkey, Spain, or Holland—the much heralded trip off the Island to parts uncharted (except by tour bus) will be soon shouted from the mountain top. Like the first chirp of the robin, the inaugural call of the Annie is a rite of Chappy spring. Enjoy.

The golf course will be membership only this year, in an attempt to stave off personal bankruptcy. But, as always, I will make some allowances for Islander (real Islanders) play. The best thing to do is to just come out and talk to me, or email me at the attached address. I do want to attempt to do a “free” kids’ afternoon weekly, with donations benefitting the CCC. Please email me if you’re interested in lending a hand to the effort.

Finally, for all of you who have inquired as to Baby E’s pooping schedule, I’m pleased to report that he has been successful in storing up whatever intake he has acquired to be released only during Dad’s scheduled “morning time.” So I have that going for me.

Take care and enjoy this glorious, albeit short, season.

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