This summer, most visitors and residents around the Island will seek out restaurants to find a place to stop and eat. But Farm. Field. Sea. seeks to provide something else to those a little more adventurous.

Throughout the summer, Farm. Field. Sea. will be offering unique excursions around the Island to give groups of guests opportunities to see and experience the farm-to-table journey of the food they eat. Guests will be able to learn about fishing, foraging and even oyster shucking in a variety of locations such as Morning Glory Farm or the Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary as they enjoy freshly prepared meals throughout the day.

“It’s a great opportunity for people who care about their food and where it comes from,” said Nevette Previd, founder and executive producer of Farm. Field. Sea.

The remaining events for the summer will be held on June 25 and July 10. The expedition on the June 25 will prominently feature Island seafood and includes a stop at Honeysuckle Oyster Farm in Katama Bay. Guests will not only have the opportunity to learn about the Island’s aquatic life but can also shuck oysters before dinner.

The July 10 trip will explore the process of cheese making on the Vineyard, from milking cows in the morning to visiting the aging cave, and a sampling of cheeses all paired with various wines. Most excursions have a limit of around 20 to 30 guests, but the July 10 experience will have a much smaller group of just eight guests for an up close and intimate view of The Grey Barn Farm.

“People come away from this with friendships too,” said Ms. Previd. “Along with having learned something about their food and about this place.”

Farm. Field. Sea. will also continue to do custom events for groups of 12 or more throughout the summer outside of the main excursions planned. For more information, visit